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Georgian Wired Glass

Georgian Wired Glass much cheaper to fit safety film rather than replace all the glass! Call Apex today for a no obligation quote.

Georgian Wire Glass 1 Georgian Wire Glass 2

We have recently completed a very cost effective job for St Josephs Primary School in Newton Aycliffe in County Durham.   
All the glass in the partion screens that were in place was low level glazing was really thin and non safety glass. We fitted 100 micron fitted to bring it up to standard. The school were worried about children falling on the glass. But with the fitting of our film this reinforced the glass to bring it up to safety standards.           
Benefits to the school were:           
* With the safety film applied it is much safer           
* Complies with safety standards           
* Cost effective versus having all the old glass took out and replaced with safety glass       
Many schools still have "Georgian Wired Glass" meant to withstand high temperatures. However this will still break the same way as normal glass. So for all there is the protection against fire it will still break into dangerous shards. Anything that was built before the 1980's is likely to feature this type of glass.           

Many care homes have been re-fitted but many schools still lag behind.           
Call us today for a no obligation quote.           
Remember fitting film is much cheaper than replacing the glass!

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